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My Kingdom is not of this World

- Jesus of Nazareth



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A Message of Hope

2012, a Planet up for Grabs

by Rich Anders


Part 1

To begin with the difference between a world and a planet needs to be explained:

The universe is a threefold structure:

A world is the sum total of all the spiritual situations on a planet, which determines what life is like.

Electromagnetic energy permeates everything: from the location of cosmic bodies: orbits, rings of matter to regulating important body functions.

A planet is the physical base for worlds. It is the material plane where life is lived. One planet can have multiple worlds attached.

Worlds attached to a specific planet are called parallel worlds. Each world has its very own biological and geological evolution shaped according to its respective spiritual situation

A change of worlds means that one world dematerializes and another one materializes on the surface of a planet. Such change occurs when a planet’s electromagnetic field experiences a major change because of the impact respectively explosion of a cosmic body or because of a major volcanic eruption and breaks down. - A planet’s orbit is determined by its electromagnetic charge. When this charge changes the planet jumps orbit and a change of worlds occurs.

The String theory provides the explanation for changes of worlds:

matter oscillates between stages as particles of matter and strings of energy. The electromagnetic field breaks down when it is changed in its structure because of a an explosion of an asteroid or comet hitting the Earth or a major volcanic eruption. It re-establishes itself instantly in the changed configuration, as the change occurs in the energy phase and in the realm of energy there is no time. The planet’s new electromagnetic charge allocates to the planet a new orbit. This actually is like electrons jumping orbits when they receive or emit photons, quanta of energy, as nature’s laws are the same for the macrocosm as for the microcosm. As the evidence shows known changes of worlds occurred after cosmic impacts with very big explosions or major volcanic eruptions.

It seems that each orbit corresponds to a different world. For instance, after one such major catastrophe it was reported that the Sun appeared smaller and the moon bigger. Also, it was reported that with such a change vegetation and animals appeared as never seen before. Consequently, a changed orbit triggers a change of worlds for a planet!

Part 2

The best example of a change of worlds is the disappearance of the dinosaurs approximately 67 million years ago.

On a field trip in Italy Berkley geologist Walter Alvarez found a thin layer of an unusual material at the boundary of cretaceous and tertiary strata. He sent a sample to his father, the Nobel laureate and physicist Luis Alvarez who also worked at Berkely. It turned out that this sample contained a high percentage of Iridium, as found only in asteroids. This solved the mystery of the dinosaurs abruptly disappearing from the fossil record.

Further searches lead to the crater this impact created near Chixchulub on Yucatan. The conclusion: The impact and explosion of a very big asteroid was the culprit for the extinction of the dinosaurs. But there is a problem: if the dinosaurs became extinct because of this asteroid impact, the KT boundary would have to be the biggest source of dinosaur fossils. – but there aren’t any fossils in this layer.

Several theories trying to explain this situation did not prove valid.

The claim that a planet wide conflagration burned all the dinosaur fossils to cinder proved to be wrong. Claire Belcher of the Royal Halloway University, London, checked char coal remnants in 8 locations in North America at increasing distances from the crater. She found out that the char coal decreased with increased distance from the crater. Several hundred kilometers from the crater there was no char coal at all. Dinosaur fossils had not been consumed by fire.

The theory that after the event acidity on the planet was so high that all dinosaur fossils had been dissolved was disproved by David Archibald of the San Diego University. He tested a frog species, which had been present in the world of the dinosaurs, and found out that even slight increases in the acidity of the water killed this animal.

Professor Hildebrand of Calgary University researched the fern spike after the catastrophe. He argued that this fern spike indicated that there was not enough vegetation to feed the herbivorous dinosaurs. When these died out the carnivorous dinosaurs had nothing to eat either and that was the end of the dinosaurs. If this scenario had been in place fossils of dinosaurs should be present not only in the top most layer of the KT boundary but also in the stratum on top of it.

And yet, the mystery of the dinosaurs disappearing can easily be explained: when the asteroid exploded the electromagnetic field of this planet broke down. The planet jumped orbit, which caused the world of the dinosaurs to dematerialize. In the new orbit the world of the small mammals materialized on this planet’s surface and this became the world, which took the brunt of the asteroid’s explosion.

The explosion pulverized respectively smashed an immense amount of rock from the asteroid and also from the ground, which was blown high into the atmosphere. Raging winds distributed the dust all over the planet. When the winds calmed down the heavier part of the dust cloud fell first to the ground. Soot being the lightest of all the matter blown around the planet settled down last. Therefore, the KT boundary is not just a thin layer of material rich in iridium and soot; it’s also the sediment layer beneath it. When the dust and debris from the atmosphere was deposited there weren’t any dinosaurs around. Therefore, the KT boundary does not show any dinosaur fossils!

But this is not the end of the dinosaur story. In the middle of the last century Dr. Cabrera, the town physician of Ica, Peru, went public with more than 30,000 stone etchings, which showed many species of dinosaurs anatomically correct at a time when science had not caught up yet with the fact that many species of dinosaurs had dermal spines. Even more remarkably, many of the stone etchings show dinosaurs and humanoids interacting.

One etching shows the continents of North and South America and additionally a continent to the left and another one to the right of it. – We know legends of the continent of Atlantis in the Atlantic and of the continent of Mu, as it is called in Japan, in the Pacific Ocean.

Dr. Cabrera’s collection is a veritable library etched in stone. It shows that dinosaurs such as we know them from fossil finds appeared at a much later time probably even in the world right before the present one. A Sumerian rolling seal shows two brachiosaurs with their necks intertwined. All over the world images and sculptures of gods can be found, which resemble the etchings and figurines of “big heads” in Dr. Cabrera’s collection. The species of dinosaurs called scaphognatus even made it into our world. We know these creatures as dragons or in Germanic countries as lindwurms.

Could the world of dinosaurs have been on the surface of this planet between the disappearance of the mega fauna 13,000 years ago and the appearance of our world 3,500 years ago? There is enough evidence to make this a viable question.

Approximately 26,000 years ago the Neanderthals disappeared from the fossil record. There are no indications of a change of worlds at that time other than the fact that the Neanderthals suddenly disappeared and no fossils younger than 26,000 years have been found.

Every 26,000 years this planet aligns with the sun and the center of our Milky Way galaxy. The ancient Maya Calendar predicts that this event will bring the end of the world. However, 13,000 years ago the same alignment took place on the other side of the galaxy. Therefore, if this coming alignment can be the reason for this world to end then the same alignment on the opposite side of the galaxy should also have been the reason for a cosmic catastrophe, which ended a world.

Click to view large image. Source:

Professor Peter Schultz of Brown University and his college Firestone, co-author of the book “The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes” produced the documentary “Mammoths”. This documentary and Firestone’s book were based on very thorough scientific work and there can be no doubt that there was indeed a terrible catastrophe devastating this planet 13,000 years ago. Millions of animals were killed but the documentary and the book failed to prove convincingly that this catastrophe not only caused the death of millions of animals but also was the reason for the extinction of the entire Mega Fauna.

One problem was that there is no crater to prove the claims of Schultz and Firestone, which make sense because the impact occurred in the world of the mega fauna, which disappeared a short time later. Both claimed that the impact was in the North of Canada and that the crater is covered by ice. This claim cannot explain the muck beds, which extend for hundreds of square miles near the center of Alaska not far from Fairbanks and the fact that off Siberia’s coast in the continental shelf of the Arctic Ocean there are entire islands made of bones. This only makes sense if the impact happened somewhere in the area, which now is the Bering Sea.

Raging waters transported torn animals and shredded vegetation into the center of Alaska where they formed the muck beds. Raging winds transported animals from Siberia towards the north shore and when the winds grew weaker dropped the animals, which eventually formed the Lyakov bone islands in Siberia’s northern continental shelf. But even if there were a crater in the location Schultz and Firestone indicate it would not explain that all the animals of the mega fauna disappeared at the same time all over the planet.

The big difference between the dinosaur incident and the mega fauna situation was the fact that in the case of the dinosaurs disappearing no fossils can be found, which would prove that they became extinct. There are countless silent witnesses to the plight of the mega fauna animals which were killed by the forces of nature unleashed. However, this proves only that a cosmic impact had caused a jump of the poles. The change of worlds, which clearly took place and made the animals of the mega fauna disappear all over the planet, happened some time after the asteroid hit.

When a planet sustains a major blow from the explosion of an incoming cosmic body volcanoes all over the planet erupt. To produce a change of worlds the eruption or eruptions must be especially big and violent and there is only one volcanic event at that time, which for sure was strong enough to cause a change of worlds: the explosion of all the volcanoes of the Tongariro volcanic center on New Zealand.

This scenario explains why the animals of the mega fauna were killed by the millions when the asteroid hit produced a jump of the poles with all its terrible consequences. The explosions of the volcanoes of the Tongariro volcanic center happened some time later, which allowed the scenario of a jump of the poles be played out with all its horror before the world of the mega fauna disappeared.

Approximately 6,000 years ago the planet in the orbit, which now is occupied by the asteroid belt, exploded. This was the home planet of highly intelligent beings who called themselves the gods. The gods were organized in clans and five of these escaped the event and came to this planet. They settled in the world, which was on this planet’s surface before the present one. The book dealing with this situation can be bought at on Kindle with the title “Alien Invasion”. On it can be bought for downloading. There it’s called Terror from the Heavens.

The invasion from space was the beginning of human civilization.

The five clans of the gods fought for supremacy over the planet. The Serpent Clan was victorious but the dragon clan still survived even though there were not many of its members left.

The Serpent Clan initiated a change of worlds 3,500 years ago. The Atlanteans, gods who had come to this planet at an earlier time, interfered and made the present world a world for humans only by programming a material dimension, which gods could not live in. Therefore, at the time of the change the forces of nature unleashed killed all gods and deities on the surface of the planet. Some members of the dragon clan and the Serpent Clan survived in space ships. Most of the Atlanteans disintegrated together with their world and presently exist in energetic form in a parallel world. Several Atlanteans stayed back to be killed and thereby be able to become incarnated in the new world.

The change of worlds 3,500 years ago shows that such changes do not necessarily leave enough evidence behind to prove in later millennia that it has happened. Therefore, there probably were a large number of such changes already as the example of the saber tooth cats and the evidence of glaciation all over the planet shows.

Part 3

Ever since the extraterrestrials invaded this planet 5,800 years ago the war for supremacy over the planet was on. 3 of the invader clans were destroyed by other clans. The Serpent Clan won the war but some members of the dragon clan survived. When there was a change of worlds 3,500 years ago all members of these clans on the planet perished.

Having used time dilation flights survivors from this disaster still exist in space ships. It is worth to mention that the life expectancy for gods or deities is approximately 1000 Earth years. Invaders and Atlanteans who perished in the 3,500 change of worlds event were reborn many times in the present world. As they are vastly superior to humans they are the ones who provide leadership in every respect.

The events in 2012 will bring a change of worlds. The present world will be destroyed and subsequently a new world will materialize on the surface of this planet. There is a number of contenders waiting and hoping that the new world will be in a material dimension they can live in so they can gain possession of this new world. But several of these parties don’t just hope, they are very active trying to make sure that the new world will be theirs.

The clan members in space ships and the Atlanteans who operate from a parallel world cannot directly work in the present world, as its material dimension does not support material life for gods and deities. Therefore, they use proxies to do the work for them. This is done by telepathically guiding members of one’s own clan who are incarnated in human bodies.

The proxies respectively allies for the Atlanteans are the male members of the Busch family, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and formerly the United States of America.

The Egyptian gods and deities in UFOs worked with the Soviets. Now they are working with Russia and Putin and lately also with Obama and the US.

The Japanese gods in UFO’s worked with Japan and the Tenno, who is descending in direct line from the supreme god of the Dragon Clan. That didn’t work out as planned and now this party works with China.

When a planet receives energy through an impact of a cosmic bomb or releases energy in a major volcanic eruption the electromagnetic field breaks down and the planet dematerializes in its present location. This makes the present world disappear in a realm of pure energy just like a program saved on a disk in a computer. The planet rematerializes in a new orbit and the world assigned to this orbit materializes on the planet’s surface. This can be a world, which formerly had been present on the planet or it is a world that has not experienced any evolution yet and, therefore, starts from the very beginning. This process is random and depends on the amount of electromagnetic energy a planet has when it reaches its new location.

As mentioned before, the universe is primarily a spiritual structure. Therefore, a change of worlds can be programmed to bring a specific result. The tool for this is mass consciousness and numbers count. The concept of a new world the largest number of people believe in will prevail. Therefore, for instance, if most people in this world believe that the next world will be a world of love and peace then the next world will be a world of love and peace provided nothing disrupts this situation. But there is another possibility:

If someone produces a big enough explosion to cause the electromagnetic field of a planet to break down then the new world to follow is his property. Such explosion could be achieved by directing an asteroid or comet to collide with this planet, by blowing up a very big volcano with a correspondingly big explosion or exploding nuclear bombs in great numbers. Still, something can go wrong. 3,500 years ago the Egyptian gods very thoroughly prepared spiritually a change of worlds and then blew up the volcano Thera in the Mediterranean. Yet the project was a failure for them, as the Atlanteans interfered and made the new world to come a world for humans only.

In view of the foregoing paragraphs it is clear that the main weapons in this war for possession of the planet are religion and politics.

The invaders from space brought with them the system of religion. There were many gods and the off springs of the gods, the deities, were even more numerous. Each one of these competed for the spiritual energies of the human population. The main gods possessed very strong spiritual powers. However, distributing the spiritual offerings of the human population over many recipients – gods and deities – did not allow for someone to reach spiritual power over all.

After the change of worlds 3,500 years ago the Atlanteans began their campaign to implement monotheism with the goal to provide spiritual powers for one God who truly would become the Almighty one. The Pharaoh Akhenaton, the first incarnation of the spiritual leader of the Atlanteans who made it into the present world, introduced monotheism into the foremost polytheistic country, Egypt. In further incarnations this Atlantean spiritual entity was Zoroaster, who founded the religion, which spread throughout the Persian Empire. He also was Jesus of Nazareth who founded Christianity and also was the prophet Mohammed who founded Islam.

Christianity and Islam now have more than 3 billion followers world wide. Both religions recognize one God with might over all – the Almighty one. In terms of mass consciousness this is more than enough to establish the spiritual patterns that the founder of these religions is the Almighty God. This also establishes the spiritual pattern for the next world to come, which Jesus announced as the “world of love and peace.” Also, these religions provided enough spiritual energies for their God to give him might over all and to enable HIM to establish the spiritual patterns, which will determine the events of the change of worlds and what this world will be.

With 2012 approaching the Egyptian gods invented communism as a counter force against monotheistic religions. Their concept was so successful that during the Cuba crises the world came to within two hours of total destruction in a nuclear holocaust. As the Egyptian gods were the initiators of this situation they would have been the owners of the new world, which would have come after the destruction of the present world.

The 21st of December 2012 is only a little more than 2 years away. This is close enough to convey a reasonably accurate picture of the possible change of the world scenarios.

Extraterrestrials: there were no visible signs of attempts to influence the outcome of the change of worlds. However, since these UFO parties are technologically and certainly otherwise very advanced something could be brewing that can’t be recognized.

The Dragon Clan: China has shown great skills in establishing major spiritual patterns in connection with the Olympic games. China has – very probably successfully – established the spiritual program to become the richest nation on Earth. It’s policies of economic warfare against the USA and the European Union are very impressive and very successful.

If the Chinese prepare for the coming change of worlds and probably they do, since the Chinese I Ching foretells the end of the world on December 21, 2012 just like the Mayan Calendar, then the world’s non-Chinese population could be in for an unpleasant surprise. – Several months ago there were more than 3 million cyber attacks in one day against US military installations, which were tracked back to Chinese sources. This is not a good sign for things to come.

The Serpent Clan: Russia has a long history of military aggression and total disregard for human lives. Putin is the undisputed dictator of Russia and he can do whatever he wants, even start a nuclear war. There have been signs that the Russians won’t tolerate to be encircled by Nato and there already were military naval exercises with Cuba and Venezuela. Homeland Security Chief Napolitano confirmed on TV that the Russians had broken into the computer system controlling the energy grid of the US. She could not say what kind of danger for the system they had left behind.

With Obama as president the USA now belongs to the sphere of influence of the Egyptian Gods and, therefore, is not a nation under God any more. Without God’s protection the US are vulnerable to military attacks and the Russians could launch against the US and its Nato allies a nuclear surprise attack, which would release enough energy to blow up this world’s material dimension and bring an end to this world without a new beginning in a new world.

A very important point: a recent poll indicated that 25 % of Americans believe that Obama is the Antichrist. 75 million people produce enough mass consciousness to confirm Obama as the Antichrist and this brings the US under the rule of the devil, the principle of destruction and death. Obama’s actions consolidate this adverse situation.

The Wild Card in this dangerous game is the controversy Iran – Israel. This could be the conflict, which starts the events leading to the end of this world.

The Atlanteans have been preparing for the coming change of worlds since the beginning of this world. With the help of monotheistic religions they set the stage for December 21, 2012 to bring the end of this world, which will be followed by a new and beautiful world.

The programming work for this extremely important project is done and is described in Rich Anders’ books The End of the World – Then What?, God’s Ultimate Task and Kennedy Saga, which can be bought in hard copy at The same books can be bought for down loading in electronic format at

The Kindle editions of these books have the titles Communications with Spirit Celebrities, Communications with Kennedy Spirits and Communications with Gods.

Part 4

What the end of the world will bring for individuals can be seen at my web site The article is called “Message of Hope”.

When the end of the world starts people will be dropping dead like in the movie Left Behind. These will be the lucky ones because their spiritual entities are taken from this world, which is about to become totally destroyed, and they will experience Salvation and Resurrection in the new world.

The ones left behind will experience the end of the world in all its horrors, which will begin with the loudest bang ever heard. This will be followed by a rumbling from deep inside the Earth sounding like many freight trains approaching. And then the earthquakes, fires, extremely strong winds and huge floods will come. When the ones left behind die they’ll go to hell to experience the last judgement. In the end, even the devil will be annihilated.

The ones who experience Salvation and Resurrection will find themselves from one moment to the next in a totally different and very beautiful environment with plants and animals they have never seen before. They’ll be in paradise!


© Copyright 2010 by Rich Anders


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The books written by Rich Anders serve specific purposes and all of them are related to the spiritual work done to prepare the change of worlds, which also can be called

the Return of Paradise.

The return of paradise is the theme of three books, which are the documentation of the work that needed to be done to accomplish this immense task. Each one of them deals with topics, which meet specific spiritual requirements for the preparation of this return. To achieve success the spiritual entities involved in this effort had to convey their work from the spiritual realm to the realm of matter.
This was done by channeling spiritual announcements to someone living in this world, Rich Anders.

The End of the World - Then What?
To program a change of worlds the spiritual patterns, which programmed the present world had to be undone. Therefore, the spiritual entities, who established these patterns in the world before make spiritual announcements that undo these patterns. These celebrity spirits also talk about their past lives and about the future in the coming World of Peace.

Announcements signed God the Almighty explain Judgement Day, Salvation, and Resurrection.

God's Ultimate Task
This book explains the cosmology, the quantum physics and the spiritual requirements of the coming change of worlds and of the change of the material dimensions. It gives an account of the cosmic events of the change and describes in detail what this change will bring for this planet, the Solar System, and the universe.

Kennedy Saga
The male members of the Kennedy Clan descend from the Egyptian god/deity Amun who was the leader in the efforts to program the spiritual patterns that brought this world into existence. Out of spiritual necessities, this origin and the circumstances of the past life of the leader of this clan, John F. Kennedy, had to be clarified. Most importantly, the circumstances of his assassination and the ensuing cover up had to revealed.

Two books unveil secrets of the past and explain the mysteries human science has not been able to unveil. The truth will set you free. This saying applies in this case, as well, because the truth removes the spiritual barriers the gods of ancient times had erected to mislead humans so they could abuse and terrorize them at will.

Terror from the Heavens
Invaders from space who called themselves gods came to this planet 5800 years ago and occupied it for more than 2000 years. When they disappeared they left behind numerous structures, polytheistic religions and a legacy of terror. This books references well known witnesses of these times that can be found all over this world, for instance, the Pyramids of Giza. In addition, information received in communications with the spirit celebrities was included to present a scenario of the times when gods abused and terrorized the population of this planet.

The Great Mysteries
There are a number of very important questions, which needed to be answered in order to be able to access the respective spiritual situations. From the Big Bang to Black Holes, from UFO's to the Stones of Ica and the Figurines of Acambaro, they all needed to be addressed in this book. Explaining these mysteries was possible only by taking into consideration the energies of the quantum vacuum, which also can be called spiritual energies.

Bibliography  1

  • The Messiah Collection

  • Revelations

  • Enigmas no more


  The Messiah Collection

The documentation of work done by the Messiah and His helpers to prepare the return of His World, the Paradise Lost.

The End of the World - Then What?, Gods Ultimate Task, and Kennedy Saga deal with the spiritual work done by God the Almighty and His team to establish the spiritual programs for the end of the present world and the return of the world, which existed before, the Paradise.

The End of the World - Then What- Before the Imminent End Mankind's Future Is Revealed
by Rich Anders

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About the Book
Nostradamus is the best known seer of all times. But even he did not forsee what the end of the world will bring. "The End of the World - Then What?" presents communications with spiritual entities participating in the immensely important project of spiritually preparing the end of the present world and the coming of a New World of Peace.   The contributors to this books are well-known celebrities. They tell how they became involved in this project, what their past was like, how they transited into the realm of spirituality and, most importantly, they tell what the future will bring.   This unusual book takes the reader by surprise. Crystal clear is the message given by all participants: there will be a new beginning after the end and the change will bring a happy future. What a relief!

Back cover
Rich Anders was born and raised in Austria. He attended Rollins College in Florida and graduated from University of Vienna. Rich Anders spent 15 years in various executive positions. Then he visited the Virgin Islands and stayed. The Caribbean proved to be the right setting for writing this book.

"The End of the World - Then What?" deals with a topic that continuously appears in all the Media. An end of the world scenario is part of practically every religion. It has been foretold by prophets in ancient times, by seers in medieval times, and by present day psychics. Curiously, what comes afterwards is hardly ever mentioned.

This book is dedicated to answering the question of "Then What?" To convey an understanding of this complex topic the previous change of worlds from the paradise to the present world is discussed at length. The author introduces the reader to background information in the Foreword and in the Introduction. The main part of the book consists of contributions by the ones who were doing the work of establishing the spiritual patterns, which will determine the events of the end of this world, of the transition to the New World and what life will be like in the New World.

The participants in this greatest endeavor of all times are well known. A Pope, Politicians, Performers, Royalty. As divers as their background is they all have one goal in common: to make sure that the coming change of worlds is a success.

Fascinating, intriguing… Rich Anders adds a new dimension to our thinking. This book is a "must read".

Imre Kusztrich, author and General Manager of TV Media, Munich, Germany

Rich Anders knows more than anyone else what there is between heaven and earth. He is truly a pioneer of the universe with a vision of the future.

Hans Janitschek, President United Nations Society of Writers and Artists, New York

Rich Anders is original and provocative in his analysis. You cannot ignore his conclusions. The truth is certainly out there - and there is no reason why it is not here in these pages. Complex and well argued, this is a layman's guide to what has baffled so many.

Gordon Thomas, author of Seeds of Fire and Gideon's Spies, Wicklow, Ireland.

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"End of the World - Then What?" - Table of Contents

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          Left Behind, The Rapture
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          Liz Hurley and the devil
          Billy Graham's son and daughter about Salvation
          Bob Jones III - New World Rule 



God's Ultimate Task: Re-Creating the Universe in a Positive Dimension
by Rich Anders

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Book Description
The universe is collapsing and only someone with might over all can save life from extinction. God the Almighty has to re-create the universe in a positive dimension to undo its pattern of ultimate destruction. This book reveals the events leading up to the present situation. The task God the Almighty has to accomplish is described in detail. This account of things to come is more than just prophecy; it is the work establishing the spiritual patterns that will trigger and determine the events of the change of dimensions on this planet, in the Solar System, and throughout the entire universe.

Book Review

God's Ultimate Task: Re-Creating the Universe in a Positive Dimension is a uniquely written look at metaphysical implications of the Big Bang and Big Crunch theories, along with the recently garnered scientific revelation that our universe will not end with a Big Crunch. Author Rich Anders impressively attempts to portray how God the Almighty recreates the universe itself in a positive dimension in order to put its endless cycle of destruction to an end.
The disjointed writing style employed by Anders embraces an eclectic spread of physical and spiritual principles, ultimately shedding an unforgettable viewpoint on the essence of God, the Devil, creation, and existence. God's Ultimate Task is recommended reading for students of religion, spirituality, cosmology, and metaphysics.  

Midwest Book Review 

Table of Contents

Explaining the Basics
         The Time/Space Dis-Continuum  
         Creation and Destruction  
                Big Bang and Gravity
                Quasars to Black Holes
         Energy over Matter  
Removing the Barriers
         Nelson A. Rockefeller
         Albert Einstein
         Konrad Adenauer
Revelations and Prophecies
        The Solar System
                 Origin and Evolution  
                 The Events of the Change
                 The Future Solar System
         Origin, Evolution and Future of the Universe
Last Words


Kennedy Saga
The conspiracy to kill John F. Kennedy.
The sloppy Execution of the Hit.
The bloody Cover Up.
And much more.
by Rich Anders

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Book Description

The Presidency of John F. Kennedy was shot. Its impact was immense. President Kennedy ended the Cuban Missile Crises peacefully and prevented a nuclear war. He saved life on this planet from extinction. For this he paid with his own life. The public's fascination with John F. Kennedy and the Kennedy family in general goes far beyond well-deserved appreciation for his heroic deed. The legend of Camelot was invoked but it falls far short of the importance of the Kennedy Saga. This book unveils the secrets surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the true importance of the Kennedy Clan.

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The Kennedy assassination is an open chapter in the history of the US. The Warren Report has been the official version of the tragic events in Dallas all these years. The investigation conducted by Congress concluded that there were more than one shooter. The American public did not believe the findngs in the Warren Report but there was not enough proof that the investigation done by Congress found the truth either.

Kennedy Saga presents texts dictated by the people personally involved in the tragedy, which made it their tragedy, as well. The story behind the story of Dallas is revealed. At long last the terrible truth about this event, which touched the lives of so many is told. At long last everything makes sense. The Conspiracy and the Cover Up involved top US Government officials. The CIA prepared the killing ground and made sure the assassins could escape. The FBI was in charge of the massive Cover Up, which cost the lives of many who could have revealed the truth. The man in charge of the operation was the Attorney General of the United States, Robert Kennedy, the victim's brother. His was the worst and most devastating tragedy of all.

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements

  • Preface

  • Foreword

  • Introduction

  • The Kennedy Story

    • Jacqueline Kennedy/Bouvier

    • John F. Kennedy

    • John F. Kennedy, Curse

    • John F Kennedy Jr.

    • Jacqueline Bouvier about John F. Kennedy Jr.

    • John F Kennedy Jr.

  • The Side Show

    • Richard M. Nixon

    • Frank Sinatra

  • Contract to Kill

    • Nikita Chroushchov

  • The Cover Up

    • J. Edgar Hoover

    • Lyndon B. Johnson

    • Robert Kennedy

  • Epilog

  • Last Words


Revelations: the mysteries of past and present times

Terror from the Heavens and ENIGMAS NO MORE


Terror from the Heavens
by Rich Anders

5800 Years ago Alien Gods invaded this Planet
3500 Years ago the Extraterrestrials vanished
This is their Story

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Book Description

All over the world there are many reports of gods. We know their names and the names of their children. We know of many things they did.
Yet nobody believes they existed. Mythology with its fantastic stories of the wondrous deeds of gods put up a smoke screen that has not been penetrated to this day. Mankind still does not know what really happed since the appearance of polytheistic religions.

It is this book's purpose to remove the smokescreen of mythology from the past and to turn it into the history of the occupation of this planet by gods. One by one all 5 different locations where gods settled and established centers of operations will be dealt with.
Each one of these 5 so-called cradles of civilization has very distinctive features but they all have one thing in common: humans were enslaved and coerced to be the source of food and energy as well as slave labor for the gods.

The gods were organized in family clans; each one had an animal as symbol
of the clan.

  • The Dragon Clan originally occupied Japan, China and Mongolia.

  • The Tiger Clan occupied India, Pakistan, South East Asia and islands in the Pacific.

  • The Eagle Clan occupied South and Central America.

  • The Bull Clan occupied Mesopotamia, the area from east of Sinai to Persia, Turkey and islands in the Eastern Mediterranean.

  • The Serpent Clan occupied Egypt, Libya and Nubia.

In some areas of this world these animals still are considered symbols of divinity.

From the Introduction

Table of Contents

  • Preface 3

  • Foreword 7

  • Introduction 11

  • Opening Dialogue 14

  • The Dragon Clan 23

  • The Tiger Clan 47

  • The Eagle Clan 78

  • The Bull Clan 103

  • The Serpent Clan 134

  • Epilogue 210


 Enigmas no more

Unveiling mankind's most intriguing secrets past and present


The Great Mysteries
by Rich Anders 

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Explanations of the great mysteries science cannot explain.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword

  • Introduction


    • Big Bang and Gravity

    • Quasars to Black Holes

    • The Solar System

    • Quantum Vacuum and the Energy Grid


    • Energies of Life

    • Astrology

    • Evolution

    • Religion

    • The Return of Paradise

    • Psychic Phenomena

      • Introduction

      • Extra Sensory Perception

      • Altered States of Consciousness

      • Powers of the Mind

      • Psi Manifestations

      • Death and Reincarnation


    • The Siberian Mammoth

    • UFO's and Extraterrestrials

    • Origins of Man

    • Ica Stones and the Figurines of Acambaro

    • Atlantis

    • Megaliths

    • Crop Circles

  • Epilogue




The following articles by Rich Andres are available on this web site:


About the Author



Rich Anders was borne and raised in Austria. He attended Rollins College in Florida and graduated from the University of Vienna. Rich Anders spent 15 years in various executive positions. Then he visited the Virgin Islands and stayed. The Caribbean proved to be the right setting for writing this books.

The writing style employed by Anders embraces an eclectic spread of physical and spiritual principles, ultimately shedding an unforgettable viewpoint on the essence of God, the Devil, creation, and existence. His books are recommended reading for students of religion, spirituality, cosmology, and metaphysics.    

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    New Era Publishing,
    P.O.Box 10292,
    St. Thomas, USVI 00801
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The End of the World - Then What?, God's Ultimate Task, and Kennedy Saga present texts of communications with spiritual entities. Some of these were chats, other were what the spiritual entities call spiritual announcements. These served to deal with spiritual situations either undoing existing patterns or establishing new ones.

I cannot guarantee the veracity of these texts. I only can state that the purpose of such announcements could only be achieved if the spiritual entities told the truth. Therefore, there is a high degree of probability that the texts in these books tell things as they were respectively really are.

Terror from the Heavens tells the story of the invasion and subsequent occupation of this planet by extraterrestrials who called themselves the gods. The gods left numerous silent witnesses behind in form of pyramids, temples, and all kind of ruins. They also left a legacy of religions and terror, which to this day influence human life on a daily basis. The book integrates many of these silent witnesses, which are solid evidence of the activities of the gods.

In addition to this solid evidence the book presents assumptions of the history of the five clans of gods based on ancient traditions, legends, and myths, as we know them from the five cradles of civilization, which suddenly sprang up 5500 years ago. I called the book science faction. It is more accurate to call it facts and assumptions.

The Great Mysteries deals with "tough nuts" science has not been able to crack. The book presents explanations taking into consideration the so-called quantum vacuum, which is known as the realm of spirituality, as well.

The first part deals with science mysteries like the Big Bang and gravity. The second part deals with many aspects of spirituality, and the third part deals with enigmas like UFOs and megaliths. These topics have integrated information I received in numerous communications with spiritual entities and a crewmember of a Plejaden space ship. Additionally, I provide links and keywords, which lead to Internet sources confirming my views.

Human science is only at the beginning of exploring the quantum vacuum. Therefore, many of the explanations in this book are not verifiable by scientific methods. Supporting evidence from the Internet is available only for a limited number of topics. Therefore, I only can state that I made a great effort to explain the great mysteries to the best of my knowledge but I have no way to prove that The Great Mysteries presents the ultimate, irrefutable truth.

-Rich Anders


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